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CNIC Tracker to Free Trcaking for Sim Details

The Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and serves as an official identification document for Pakistani citizens aged 18 and above. Thus, it contains essential personal information which includes name, father or husband's name, age, date of birth, address, signature, and thumb impressions for biometric verification. Each CNIC is assigned a unique 13-digit number which is different for everyone.
Moreover, CNIC verification is required by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for activating new SIM cards. This verification process ensures the authenticity of the user and is important for everyday activities.
Therefore, our online platform offers various tracking tools, including live tracker cf, person tracker, SIM tracker, CNIC tracker, and more options to get sim owner details. These tools are available for a fee and are designed to provide reliable tracking and tracing services wityh the help of sim database online.
These tracking tools are integrated with our reliable SIM database online, ensuring access to the most accurate information for CNIC tracker. This sim database provides real-time data related to SIM ownership information and their usage. With these tools, users can conveniently monitor the location of a SIM card connected to a mobile phone, track a person's movements, and access location-based information in real-time.

Work Flow for CNIC Tracker

For using our CNIC tracker tool, users simply need to enter the 13-digit CNIC code into the designated space, enabling them to retrieve essential sim owner details associated with that specific CNIC card. Hence, our sim database online is offered free of charge, with no restrictions on the number of searches allowed. The CNIC, issued by NADRA, serves as proof of Pakistani nationality, and obtaining one involves a straightforward procedure with minimal criteria.
Moreover, we have developed CNIC Tracker based on user feedback and interest, ensuring its usefulness and relevance. The CNIC tracker serves as a valuable resource for users, particularly those seeking information about individuals associated with particular CNICs.
For individuals experiencing nuisance calls or threats from unknown individuals, the CNIC tracker offers a powerful solution for uncovering the identities behind such communications. Recognizing the significance of this tool in enhancing citizen safety and convenience.
Sim database online extends access to the CNIC tracker tool to both individuals and corporate entities, allowing them to access sim owner details. With a commitment to accuracy, our live tracker assures users of maximum information retrieval with a 100% accuracy rate.
We managed our data to collect from the most authentic sources thus eliminating the chance of any error in the sim database online. We managed to provide you with a friendly user platform for retrieving details for the CNIC tracker. Additionally, one can use our tools unlimited in a day without setting any conditions for searching.

Sim Ownership Information

When using our CNIC Tracker tool, you can expect to receive the following types of sim owner details in the results:

  • Sim owner name: Upon entering the 13-digit CNIC code, the primary information provided will be the full name of the individual associated with that CNIC card.
  • Sim Number: The second set of information you'll receive relevant to the sim ownership linked to the verified CNIC. If multiple SIMs are registered under the same CNIC, you'll receive details for all associated mobile numbers, including the network operators. This information can be valuable in scenarios where individuals have received threats or unwanted calls, allowing them to identify and take appropriate action against such callers.
  • Home Address and location: Another very imporatnt detail provided is the home address and location of the individual listed on the CNIC. This information facilitates easy contact with the person. Moreover, it enables live geolocation tracking through the CNIC Tracker tool, empowering users to take necessary actions for their protection with the assistance of relevant authorities.

By offering these comprehensive sim owner details, our CNIC Tracker tool equips users with valuable information for various purposes, including safeguarding against unwanted communication and ensuring personal safety.


Our online platform offers a comprehensive platform that serves as a one-stop destination for Pakistani citizens, providing access to multiple information tools free of charge, regardless of their city of residence or the time of access. Among these tools, the CNIC Tracker stands out prominently due to its advanced features and extensive database of CNIC cardholders across Pakistan.
In this article, you'll discover the step-by-step procedure for utilizing the CNIC Tracker tool, designed to be user-friendly even for beginners. With our sim database online, obtaining accurate results is assured, as we continuously update our system to ensure users have access to the most up-to-date information available.