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Live Tracker| Search for “Sim Owner Details”

A live tracker serves as a valuable tool for locating individuals based on their mobile number or CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number via our reliable “sim database online”. Our online platform offers this service free of charge to citizens, facilitating instant location tracking by “live tracker service. However, it is important to note that access to the live tracker is limited to registered telecom numbers by “PTA”, ensuring privacy and adherence to regulatory guidelines.
Moreover, the functionality of the live tracker relies on real-time access to a comprehensive SIM database online to fetch sim owner details, enabling precise tracking of an individual's movements. This sim database is powered by various sim information systems, ensuring accuracy and reliability in tracking procedures. By using the live tracker, users gain the ability to monitor an individual's activities, including their messages, calls, and other interactions.
The significance of the live tracker extends beyond mere convenience for users to get sim owner details. It serves as a powerful tool for acquiring essential SIM owner details, simply by entering the individual's sim number to fetch sim ownership information. In today's interconnected world, where mobile communication is important, the ability to track individuals through their mobile numbers has become increasingly important.
The utility of the live tracker extends to various domains, ranging from personal to corporate applications to get sim owner details. Parents can utilize it to ensure the safety of their children by monitoring their whereabouts. Similarly, individuals can use it to keep track of their loved ones for security purposes. Moreover, corporate authorities find it invaluable for monitoring employees or workers, enhancing organizational security measures.
One of the primary benefits of the live tracker is its comprehensive access to SIM details. This includes the individual's call history, both incoming and outgoing, as well as data pertaining to their device, such as the IMEI number and live location. This functionality proves particularly beneficial in cases of lost or stolen mobile phones, enabling swift recovery efforts.

Additional Feature of “Live Tracker”

Our platform offers an updated live tracker system, providing significant information about a SIM number instantly. This tool (live tracker) enables users to monitor the activities of individuals using their phones through the Live Tracker feature. Using our sim database online is straightforward, requiring users to follow the simple guidelines and instructions. The Live Tracker tool serves various purposes:

Locating Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones

One of the primary functions of the Live Tracker is to assist users in locating lost or stolen mobile devices swiftly. By entering the relevant SIM number, individuals can track the current location of their device, helping in its recovery.

Ensuring the Safety of Kids and Loved Ones

The Live Tracker is instrumental in ensuring the safety of children and loved ones. Parents or guardians can use this tool to monitor the whereabouts of their family members in real-time, providing peace of mind and enhancing security measures.

Monitoring Employees or Workers

Employers can use the Live Tracker to keep a close watch on their employees or workers. This feature enables businesses to track the movements of their staff members during work hours, ensuring compliance with company policies and enhancing overall security within the workplace.
Therefore, by offering these functions, the Live Tracker tool proves to be an invaluable resource for individuals and organizations alike. Its ability to provide real-time information and enhance safety measures underscores its significance in today's digital world.

Live Tracker| Added Feature of “CNIC Information System”

The Live Tracker for CNIC Information system provides users with access to the SIM database online, linked to the CNIC cardholder. This service facilitates the retrieval of essential information related to the individual's mobile connections. The data source for this SIM information is sourced from NADRA, an independent government institute responsible for storing citizen data and issuing CNIC cards in Pakistan. Consequently, users can obtain sensitive details associated with a CNIC cardholder.
Hence, our online platform offers the Live Tracker tool as a convenient resource, designed to assist citizens without imposing formalities or procedural hurdles. By simply entering a mobile number, users can retrieve comprehensive sim owner details pertaining to all numbers linked to the CNIC cardholder. This streamlined process ensures quick access to sim information, empowering users with valuable insights into the mobile connections associated with an individual.
Thus, by using the Live Tracker for CNIC Information system, users can efficiently access SIM-related data for sim ownership, enhancing transparency and facilitating various applications, such as identity verification and communication tracking.


To summarize the article’s information, the Live Tracker provided offers a comprehensive solution for accessing SIM owner details and addressing various user concerns. Through this tool, users can harness advanced GPS technology to retrieve vital sim ownership information about individuals, including their name, address, SIM details, and current location. Additionally, the system is regularly updated to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the SIM database online, enhancing its effectiveness in providing essential information to users.