Live Tracker 2024
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Live Tracker| Get verification for “Sim Owner Details”

Our live tracker is a handy tool that helps you find someone using their mobile number or ID card number by sim database online. You can use our website for free to track people instantly by using our reliable live tracker. However, remember, only registered phone numbers can access it to keep your information private and follow the rules.
The live tracker works by checking a big sim database online of SIM cards in real-time. This helps us find out who owns the SIM card (sim owner details) and where they are. It is reliable because it gets information from different systems.
With the live tracker, you can see what someone is doing on their phone, like who they're talking to and what messages they're sending.
Hence, it is not just convenient; it's also important. In today's world, being able to find someone through their phone is really useful.
Thus, lots of people can use our live tracker. Parents can check where their kids are for safety. Individuals can keep an eye on their loved ones. In addition, companies can use it to make sure their employees are safe and secure.
The best thing about our live tracker is that it gives you lots of information about the SIM card. You can see who they have been talking to, where they've been, and even find their phone if it's lost or stolen.

Added Feature of “Live Tracker”

Our platform has an updated live tracker system that gives you important sim owner details about a SIM number right away. With this tool, called the live tracker, you can keep an eye on what people are doing on their phones. Using our “SIM database online” is easy, just follow the simple steps.
The live tracker does a few important things:

  • Finding Lost or Stolen Phones: If your phone gets lost or stolen, you can use the live tracker to find it quickly. Just put in your SIM number, and you can see where your phone is, making it easier to get it back.
  • Keeping Loved Ones Safe: Parents can use the live tracker to make sure their kids and family members are safe. You can see where they are in real-time, which helps you feel better and keeps everyone secure.
  • Watching Employees: Employers can use the live tracker to see where their workers are during work hours. This helps companies make sure everyone is following the rules and keeps the workplace safe.

So, the live tracker is really helpful for both individuals and businesses. It gives you instant information and makes things safer in our digital world.

Added Feature of “CNIC Information System”

The Live Tracker for CNIC Information system gives users access to a sim database online connected to CNIC cardholders, helping them get important sim details about their mobile connections. This information comes from NADRA, a government institute in Pakistan that stores citizen data and issues CNIC cards. Therefore, users can get sensitive information linked to a CNIC cardholder by using “CNIC information system”.
Our online platform provides the Live Tracker tool as an easy way for citizens to get this information, without any complicated procedures. You just need to enter a mobile number, and you will get detailed information about all the numbers connected to the CNIC cardholder. This simple process makes it quick for users to access SIM-related information, giving them valuable insights into someone's mobile connections.
By using the Live Tracker for CNIC Information system, users can efficiently get SIM-related data, improving transparency and helping with tasks like identity verification and tracking communications.


In summary, the Live Tracker offers a complete solution for accessing SIM owner details and solving user needs. It utilizes GPS technology to provide vital information such as name, address, SIM details, and current location. The sim information system is regularly updated for accuracy and reliability, ensuring it effectively delivers essential information to users.